rotation residency

Affordable housing remains a considerable problem in New York City, particularly for low-income artists who often struggle to manage two rents – one for housing and the other for workspace.

Many emerging artists live and work in Red Hook, taking advantage of cheaper rents while contributing to the Brooklyn neighborhood’s vibrant culture. However, with the promise of new ferry routes to the neighborhood, the market is beginning to gentrify, threatening the livelihood of many artists that live there.

Rotation Residency aims to address these challenges by combining affordable micro-homes and work studios under one roof where tenants pay a singular rent that covers both their home and workspace. This integration of live and work units is achieved by rotating and vertically offsetting one unit from the other to create series of occupiable plateaus that are then clustered by use. 

The 50,000-square foot building is divided into nine floors, featuring a ground-floor café, storefront gallery, and rooftop bar that are dedicated to open studio events for marketing the artistic creations of each tenant to the public.