guide to easier loving

Inspired by the work and home of Russel Wright, Guide to Easier Loving is a tribute to relationships. It tells a narrative that is honest, using dynamic and curvilinear forms derived from products designed by Wright to describe the human condition through its most universal emotions.

Two characters, created through a series of deformations of a Russel Wright covered vegetable dish and creamer from his 1952 Residential collection, aggregate and evolve, moving from elation to sobriety and back again. They are colorful, dynamic, large, and small—very similar to the range of emotions humans express.

Each unit is made of a stretch spandex shell stuffed with polyester filling. Stacked on top of each other, the pillows span over 5 feet to comprise a small, soft pavilion for users to squeeze into. The design and fabrication of the pavilion was an exploration of the part-to-whole relationship that lies at the genesis of architecture.